Interested in flipping houses

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Hello Donald my is ticka im in the same boat I want to get started in fort smith but do not have the income. There are a lot of Facebook groups that are very helpful join the “sub 30 mastermind” group and the “make real estate real “group on Facebook both of these groups are full of information and people that will answer any questions and are very helpful without trying to sale you anything. The information in these groups is unlimited. 

Don the first thing to do is get the right mindset. It take a little energy to get anything worth while. Most people you read about flipping just didn't wakeup one day and say l think l will flip a house. They worked at it, they have passion. You have to have passion in your desires. Start working on your mind first. You want to be an overcomer. You want passion in your life for what you want. Build a foundation of understanding about flipping, home loans, whole selling homes whatever, build a foundation. While your studying look up some properties and work out some numbers as though your buying the house. Setup a home office and learn step by step how to do your first wholesale. Work on building up cash, when you get enough go buy your first flip.