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Hey everyone!

My name is Josh and I am an active Realtor in Fayetteville, NC. I am also in the process of starting a business for flipping houses, and am looking for anyone in the area who has the experience and is willing to take the time to lend their knowledge! 

I am completely new to this aspect of real estate, but have taken some of the first steps. So far I've registered my LLC, set up a corporate account, and secured financing through a hard money lender (Do Hard Money). I know that this company has a bad reputation, but they were my only option because of my credit score and my limited capital. A fellow Realtor in my office has worked with investors who have secured financing through Do Hard Money, so I know that it is entirely possible, but the process is much more difficult.

I am looking for any information that can help me get this process started! 

Thank you in advance!

Hey Josh!

Have you had any luck networking with flippers in the area? I'm also looking to start flipping here in Fayetteville with a friend. Our biggest issue right now is finding the capital to fund these flips. We each have the option to do a HELOC on one of our properties, so we may end up doing that. We have also been kicking around the idea of doing a new construction build.

Hi Josh I'm in the Fayetteville area as well and I'm brand new to the real estate scene. Any pointers on how to get started?

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Welcome aboard!!!

Welcome! I just moved from Fayetteville and I know a lot of investors there and still invest myself in the area.  

there is opportunity for flipping in Fayetteville but the competition is FIERCE because the price points are so low and the transient nature of the area produces a lot of buyers. Also, the VA loan allows retail buyers to get in much easier/cheaper.

finding properties and moving on them lightning fast will be key. Make sure you have good relationships with selling agents to market and sell quick. Many people get stuck with deals on market.

good luck!

I'd like to be a colleague of yours

I'm just starting out in the area and am looking to do my first flip in the area here soon. I'm still searching for my first property.  I think the hardest decision in Fayetteville is to do a flip here in Fayetteville or go to a neighboring town with some higher numbers since the spreads in Fayetteville don't allow much room for error. 

Hey guys, I've got a home in Fayetteville, NC that was a rental for about 3 years. It is currently vacant and I'm simply looking to break even. If anyone is interested in wholesaling are would like to hear more, please message me privately. Thanks!!


I am new to the Fayetteville, NC list of investors and just recently looked into a fire damaged property I considered flipping but decided I would just wholesale off of me because of my true lack of knowledge in fire damage. I am seeing that finding and obtaining properties are easier here than Atlanta but finding buyers when wholesaling is a lot harder. So you win some and lose some. LOL great for my rental portfolio though. 

@Brandon Graves I know your post is about a year old, but what ever happened with the property?

@Paul Schu , after dumping roughly 9k into getting it back up to par, I've got a tenant in the home. Liberty Management is my new rental company, however, they haven't shown much promise either since the switch over. This home makes for a great rental, only problem is that I'm in Florida and can't seem to find a decent property manger in Fayetteville. I'd either like to offload it or pay it off completely.

@Brandon Graves I have not heard of them. I checked the website and was not overly impressed though. Fayetteville can be a tough place to find a good management company because there are so many properties and real estate moves so quickly there.  

@Brandon Graves I have a SICK property manager in Fay. No vacancy in years, no headaches, no problems, no evictions: just profit. EASY

Hey fellas, I used to live in F'nam but am overseas in Germany now. Just conducted my first long distance purchase today actually, SFH up in Spring Lake, 2nd property in the area. Probably spend too much time each day analyzing properties like everyone else. Looking for a multi-family there are lots of deals but so many of them are in the war-zone areas...good luck to all!


Oh yeah, if anyone knows a good local bank that is investor friendly, please let me know!



I'm new to real estate investing.  I'm a veterinarian and have zero experience in real estate besides purchasing my own home which I plan on turning in to a rental. I've been learning a lot about investing over the past few years and finally ready to make my first deal.  I'd love to connect with realtors, house flippers, and rental investors in the area.  

 I am an investor from Florida looking to purchase multiple rentals in Fayetteville. Please let me know if you have anything currently. I am also accepting referrals for contractors and property managers to assist with my long distance investing 

Originally posted by @Alexander Felice :

@Brandon Graves I have a SICK property manager in Fay. No vacancy in years, no headaches, no problems, no evictions: just profit. EASY

 I would be very interested for info on the great property manager you mentioned.  


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