Looking for Off Market Multis in Fresno and Need price guidance!

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Hello All,

My wife and are are still looking for our first deal! Wanted to connect with any wholesalers in the area that may come across any multifamily projects. I am looking in Fresno and Clovis. 

I spent a good part of a saturday a couple weeks ago driving though the city of Fresno to get acquainted with the areas with guidance from my realtor.

What are you getting for rent in your multis in Fresno at this time? What does water/sewer/trash run a month? the more info I can get the better my analysis will be!


Hey Kevin, I would suggest you give Micheal Zuber a call he is a Fresno Investor that is very knowledgeable about the Fresno market. He has been a big help and has great info out on his youtube channel: one rental at a time

I would post his email and phone number but that wouldn't be within "post guidelines"...

@Chad Lunsford , thanks for the information! I have been looking seriously in Fresno for about 3 months now but nothing yet. We are still looking for our first deal. Hope your journey is going better than ours. I will reach out to him one way or another.


@Scott Bliatout , I have been watching a lot of his stuff as well! Seems down to earth and just lays it out there like it is. Hoping to connect with him and see if I can learn anything.