High-Speed Rail Fresno to Bakersfield - is anyone hopeful?

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Hi All,

I've been following some of the news on the High-Speed Rail project planned for Fresno to Bakersfield. (see https://www.hsr.ca.gov/high_speed_rail/project_sections/fresno_bakersfield.aspx and https://www.fresnobee.com/news/politics-government/article229908329.html)

Does anyone have any updates on this? have they started building this out around town in Fresno?

And is anyone hopeful that it will be completed, and if it could actually inject positive growth into Fresno/Central Valley?


They're building it north and south of Fresno.  I'm very hopeful the project will at least get partly completed.  Originally it was planned to connect LA and the Bay Area but funds have been restricted.

What I am hopeful for is that after the initial legs are completed, it will come back up for vote again to complete the rest of it. 

There are miles north and south that are very well underway.

@Payman Kamali I'm sure you've seen the previous plans for the rail which were de-railed and turned into these current plans.  I think that these will still have problems because the oversight is pretty bad from what I am hearing (over paying, timeline issues, etc).  

I dont think their oversight issues are going to be resolved, however, if they do, I think it could be a good push forward for the entire project because then they will have an actual product to show people that this can be a beneficial thing to the state. 

As far as growth, there could be some, but the real growth comes in the part of the plans which they took out.  Even with that being said, you can see that Bakersfield is growing pretty well right now.  We are attracting a lot of different investments from a lot of different sectors, and with the affordability of everything it is starting to show us that the tides are shifting.  

What would you like to see happen?  Are you looking at investing in either area? 

@Chad Deihl , thanks for the first hand info, its good to hear that the work is under way, and they are indeed making progress.

@Sanjeev Advani , that's good to know that the investments into infrastructure in Bakersfield are paying off.  I'm looking to invest in Fresno.  What I like about Fresno is that the crime rate is slowly going down[1], that its a large city with potential for opportunity, that the city is investing in cleaning up the downtown Fresno area through a revitalization program[2])

What I would hope for with the bullet train from Fresno-Bakersfields is new job and growth opportunities in both cities through more mobility, which would eventually translate into more real estate opportunities.

I agree that the parts of the plan they took out which would have connected Central Valley with San Francisco and LA would have brought the most opportunity, but I am somewhat hopeful that if they show some progress and ROI in the reduced scope, that the other plans could get picked back up at some point.