Are there any Investor Meetups in Sacramento?

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I'm already involved in several REI Meetups in Sacramento, but I'm interested in a meetup consisting primarily of BiggerPockets members. My goal is to talk real estate, learn more about how to use the BiggerPockets site and build connections through solid deals. If there isn't an official BP meetup in my area I will start one. Anyone have any feedback on this? Thanks all, Rick

Hey @Rick Snow - I have been contemplating the same for some time now. @Al Williamson puts together a BP meetup periodically but it's not a monthly re-ocurrence.  I know there are spontaneous meetups that happen among BP'rs once in a while but it would be great to have something consistent.  I have recently been having the same thoughts you are so it may make sense to start one up, I didn't realize others were thinking the same.

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