Help selecting between 3 Property Mangers please

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I'm looking for a Property Manager to manage newer 3/2 SFH in Cimarron Hills. Realtor gave me three recommendations: Empower Realty Team, Crystal Pines Property Management and Brinkleys Property Solutions. Honestly, all three seem really good after I reviewed their websites and spoke with them on the phone. However, as an OOS, I'd really appreciate peoples' first-hand opinions. Thank you.

Ask these questions: How many units do you manage?

What is the process for when there is an issue in a unit?

How do you deal with lightbulb changes vs bathroom remodels?

I may be biased but will through Solid Rock Realty's name out there as an option for Property Management Services.

@Andrew Rosenberg Sorry if I’m late to the party. I have been with Byrne Management for quite some time now for two of my properties. They have been great for me. No affiliation, just who I’ve been using. Feel free to pm me if I can help in any way.

Hi @Andrew Rosenberg , Google Reviews are one way to tell who is reputable in property management.  Not just the reviews, but the owner responses to reviews. 

I suggest calling to see if they answer their phones, texting them if they have that capability (most do not), and emailing them to see if they respond quickly. 

Check their website.  Do they clearly identify their services and fees, or do they want you to "get a quote"?  If it's the latter, they are salespeople, intent on closing a sale, vs. a professional service provider with a clear list of services, fees and accountability.  

Check for hidden fees.  Agreements with vendors are a big one.  Charges to tenants are another big one.  Most PM companies hide this in the fine print of their Management Agreement. 

Ask if they operate in silos.  I.e., 1 area for maintenance, 1 area for marketing, 1 area for financial statements, etc.  Most PM companies operate this way, and the end result is a lot of frustration if you're trying to understand something on your owner statement.  

Also, @Drew Sygit has to say "you get what you pay for", because that's the only defense for over-charging for services.  

Our firm charges the least, offers the most and is now serving Colorado Springs.  Good luck!  :)