Looking for an investor-oriented real estate agent (Broward)

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I've been hurt with several unsuccessful realtor-buyer relationships in the past few months. I think the biggest issue is with agents who are unfamiliar with investment methodologies and who are unwilling to do the extra work (figure out whether a property can cashflow and have the patience to go through several offers).

We are in a seller's market, but I have to believe there are agents out there who can't stand holding their clients' hands and keep explaining that a pink walls can be repainted...

I'm very numbers-oriented, pre-qualified for a loan and own other properties upstate. I'm also not a believer in making lowball offers until something hits.

If you know someone who can accommodate (or if you are one), I'd appreciate an introduction to an INVESTOR-ORIENTED real estate realtor in Broward County who'll be able to help me find the next investment opportunity.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Tamir - I've worked with an agent with Douglas Elliman who is GREAT.  I've worked with him for a year now.  He is an investor himself and knows how to do the financial analysis that we need.  That being said, he prefers to focus on commercial.  Are you solely investing in residential or would commercial work for you?

Hi @Tamir Alush ! Did you end up finding anyone you loved? I work in Broward, but sometimes knowledge of the procedures seems to be far more important than knowledge of small farm areas (if both parties conduct adequate research). Would love to hear your experiences, especially if they are positive ones! :)

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