Out of state wholesaling..

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Yes , I know there is probably another blog post on this , I guess I just couldn't find it . 

I'm currently wholesaling in the Houston area only , but I would like to dabble into the south FL market . Might as well since I spend a lot of time there .  Is it possible to wholesale from another state ? Virtual wholesaling , maybe ? Does any one have some insight on how to go about doing this ? Also if u are familiar with the real estate market in Miami , feel free to drop some knowledge ! . I wouldn't know what to look for as it's very different in TX.

Thanks in advance :) 

@Rose Ventura It is possible but it is very hard to pull off. You would have to send blind offers unless you have someone you trust to inspect the properties for you. People that are able to meet the home owner face to face usually have a leg up.

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