Subdividing parcels Miami - Are sellers willing?

2 Replies

"A parcel may be grouped or separated. Grouping or Separation Request Forms must be filed with the Property Appraisers office by March 1, as well as a homestead exemption application if the property is the permanent residence of the owner.

". The completion of a parcel split request by the Office of the Property Appraiser is for assessment and taxation purposes only and does not establish or constitute a legal land division or in any way guarantees suitability for the parcel(s) to be developed at any future date. The Property Appraiser reserves the right to reverse any previously approved split request on any subsequent year’s tax roll."

What would you need to do in order to establish a legal land division? assuming this is much more than having a clean title, proper survey, and lawyer?

Planning and zoning dept.  But as to are sellers willing.....usually not as the larger parcel has more options and value usually.  Subdividing a couple of residential lots, maybe.

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