Is there an investor meet up group in Orlando?

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I am in the learning phase of real estate investing and would love to meet up with like minded and experienced individuals to learn as much as possible.  I read previous posts about meetings a year ago, but having hard time to locate definitive now.  Just finished Brandon Turners Rental Property Investing and working on Loopholes of Real Estate by Garrett Sutton (Rich Dad, Poor Dad).

A user here on BP, Robert Kirkley, told me "I would recommend going to the CFRI meetings in Orlando, as well as talking with @Bernadeau C. He has a group that meets up once a month"

I have not gone to a meeting yet so I can not tell you whether they are good or not.

Thank you. I am actually attending my first CFRI meeting this Wednesday.   I will also check out @Bernadeau C.  Thank you for your input. 

I would start with CFRI and Foster Alger hosts monthly meet ups, look him up on Facebook

Chloe, I am also in the learning phase of real estate investing and in the orlando area. Would also love to meet up with some like minded and experience people! 

Did you attend that CFRI meeting you mentioned?? If so, how was it?

Any other newbies that would be interested in a meet up?

Chloe what other books have you read that you'd recommend....or anyone else have some?

Hi Kyle. Yes. I have attended 2 of the Orange County chapter meetings and one of a new member and ethics.  Each meeting has been an educational and learning experience.  The members are very welcoming and happy to help and share information.  There is tons of experience and advice available from many.  Networking amongst members is highly encouraged. For Orange county meetings you need to arrive pretty early, seating fills up very fast. Probably 45 to 50 people per meeting if I had to guess.  I have not been to a general meeting yet, but understand they are even larger.  There are also opportunities of  workshops and "Special speaker/topics"  for a small fee.  I would recommend to check out their website and calendar of events.. First meeting is free, and they provide free pizza too! :))

I am a huge Audible book fan.  Best book so far was the Bigger Pockets Rental Property Investing by Brandon Turner.  The Loopholes book by Garrett Sutton was a great informational book.  The Myths and the Magic of Real Estate Investing by Ken McElroy another good read about starting in real estate.

If you haven't read Rich Dad Poor Dad it is a must.  And my favorite educational book for far this year is Prosperity in the Age of Decline by Brian and Alan Beaulieu, two economist brothers.  It is not a real estate book, but more just looking forward for the next 10 to 20 years and planning and preparing for our future. (Yes, it was written a few years ago, but the information is still quite relevant).  This book is a big reason that I decided to explore the real estate avenue.  

My husband and I would be interested in newbie meetup. Perhaps an hour or so before one of the Orange county meetings or even an evening or weekend on Park Avenue in Winter Park.  

Overall, you won't be disappointed in the CFRI organization.

I would also love to join an Orlando meetup if you decide to start one! Thank you for the book recommendations and suggestion about CFRI! 

Definitely checkout the meet up @Shawn G. is referring to, it’s a good one!

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