Architect and Structural Engineer Cost in Atlanta Georgia

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Planning new construction and the Architect gave me a quote for $4,500 and Structural Engineer $,3000. The plans are based off of two remodels I've done and the Architect is going to combine and make the best of both into this one. Is that a reasonable fee. Architect's fee is much higher than what they've charged for remodels. 

Don't know if this helps, as it's the first time I'm using an engineer. I'm buying a fire damaged duplex tomorrow . It's 2 story. 1 side (1 unit) is burned and the other isn't (some water damage where fire dept hacked through wall).  They have to tear down the one side, while stabilizing the other. 

I just got a quote for architectural blueprints for permits and engineer stamp for $ 3250.00

So, I'm getting that started, while I'm looking for a contractor to do the work, as the scope of that work is more than I have dealt with in the past

I need to find out if structural is designing the floor system, load calculations, framing plans and foundation plans. All I got was a price. Have used him before on smaller jobs on buyer requested repairs. 

Yes , if they are supplying you with permit plans and engineering letter for the Inspections. Atlanta and Dekalb are the most egregious to deal with if you are permitting. If you haven’t permitted before in these jurisdictions, I strongly recommend a permit courier or at least a Gc who works these areas.

@John Patterson thanks. on rehabs, maybe I've been lucky, but haven't had any hiccups dealing with DeKalb. Usually get my permits in a day. The problem comes with inspections and you never know what one will ok and the other want. Plus you call in for an inspection the next day and sit there waiting and they never show. 

@Michaela G. thanks. love what you're doing with your "artist colony" in Pittsburg. Great idea. We tried something less ambitious by targeting a neighborhood in Decatur with both rentals and flips. First property we purchased there in 2011 for $30k. Saw a property that needs a full rehab that went on the market next to one of my rentals that they're asking $150k. 

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We may can help you with this.. let me know

 Hi Jay, are you open to discuss a possible tear down im looking at in Atlanta? Its in the belt line area. If we can chat soon that would be great. Thank you!

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@Michaela G. - Do you recommend an architect you may have used in the past ?

I ended up just holding the duplex and not rebuilding for now and have not worked with an architect for anything else