Looking for a low-cost broker in Boise area

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I'm moving to Boise this summer and am looking for a brokerage to hang my real estate license at. My current broker in Michigan takes no commission split and just charges me a low flat monthly fee to hang my license there. Looking for something similar. I don't need much help, training, or office space from a broker, so I am just looking for something low cost, low service.

Any recommendations appreciated. Thank you!

@James Debenham I wouldn't recommend finding one that doesn't take fees. Sounds shady. Work with one that does great work and then build a relationship to reduce fees. You get what you pay for at the end of the day (short run or long run). My two cents!

@James Debenham so there's a happy medium between an expensive broker with more than it sounds like you need and a no commission split broker with no support.  

I suggest considering eXp Realty while you are looking in to a new broker.  Well established agents love it because they can make the switch from paying for office and franchise fees to paying for the right amount of virtual support instead.  The 80/20 split and 16K cap allows the agent to net more immediately and in the long run, while still providing 50+ hours of training a week and broker, legal, IT, and other support via the virtual environment (eXp World - guest passes are available from eXp agents).  Forget any need to commute or pay for space you don't use.  

I joined for the ability to train and get support out of normal work hours because I couldn't go full time right off the bat.  

There are plenty of other benefits, including perks for investors, ibuyer programs, team building, stock earning, healthcare, and even building a retirement plan - but I'm not going to bore you here!  

Best of luck!

Thanks guys. I am not going to be working with clients; just holding my license for my own deals and projects. I really don’t need support, training, marketing, etc. from a broker (maybe on rare occasion). Just a wall to hang the license on. 

@James Debenham

I am a Realtor with Silvercreek Realty Group. They are the largest brokerage in Idaho and are very low cost. As an investor, the best thing about them is the network of over 1400 Idaho agents- they network quite a bit so you can find office exclusives or other opportunities that you might not find elsewhere. They have many, many agents who have a license for the same reasons you do.

Good luck!