SE Idaho taking the plunge

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Hi, my name is Scott Tyler and I live in Idaho Falls, Idaho. I have been a member of BP for about a month. I have been using the tools/calculators and even done a few walkthrough properties around my area. My concern is being new that I will make a mistake. I understand that fear and am willing to lose the money. I also am trying to add value to those around me so as to become a member of a team or to form a team. I just seem to keep running into people that say "Sure, I'll help" and then never call back after requests or the ones that are interested in me paying them. I am not asking for a mentor or someone to walk me through the steps. I am saying that I am here to be used (support) or be of help (on the ground/inspecting, photos, calculations etc). I want to demonstrate my usefulness, abilities, and drive.

@Scott D Tyler I am sorry to hear about your situation. The true is, you do not need a "mentor" and you should not put yourself out there to be "used" any relationship should be mutually beneficial.

The best advice I can offer is to seek out the most legit investor groups in your area, and on social media. Talk to everyone, and learn from everyone. Professionals will be busy, and while the cliche advice of "add value and a mentor will come" may work in some cases, you have to get out there and learn from everyone you come in contact with and add the useful information they give you into your own daily routine.

Hope that helps. I also have some useful information in my BP blog if you want to give it a read, and subscribe to get future notifications of when I post.