Cost to Clean a Estate Sale in Chicago

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Hi there, 

Any close estimate will be appreciated it. 

Assume a 3 level unit, 4 bed, 3 bad, level 1 and 2, 1,000 sf., 3rd level, 750 s.f.    What should I assume to have the place emptied by a junk collector?  There are clothing, old pots, dishware, boxes, cages, some furniture, couches, chairs, beds, etc. It's not that bad, but it will take time.   The garage is clean, fortunately.  Appliances stay. 

Later, I will need it to get it professionally cleaned.  I'm assuming  about $1000 for the cleaning lady, but I have not idea what are the costs to get it empty. 

What should I pay to get everything out of the place as fast as possible.  I don't care if it goes to a dumpster.  Some of the stuff may have value, but it's minimal. 

Any references?  The place is in the north side of Chicago.



Hi Frank-

I have a great crew of 2 guys whom we have worked with before on multiple clean outs on the NW side. They've even done a horrible hoarder house for us, as well as smaller/in between sized clean outs. They are very quick and super easy to work with.  Highly recommend Greg with MMG Homes! 

Give him a call, text, or email. You can mention our names (Jennie & Greg from Property People) if you like. Good luck!

Greg Kolomyjski, MMG Homes Inc. (Happy to share contact details via DM. BP won't let me post it here.🤷‍♀️)

@Frank S. - I would say at min $2.5k if not a little higher, depening on if that includes.  If you are in the city it will be $500 a dumpster and sounds like you might need 3-4 (20) CY dumpsters.

I can provide a couple of referrals that can help out with that.  Shoot me a PM.

@Frank S. There is a company called Junk King - Hagan one of the owners. The can come and give you a quote. They are very good and professional. 

If there a lot of stuff then your most inexpensive option is to order and dumpster and get day labor to clean it out but get a quote for the whole job not by the day otherwise they will take forever. Get the biggest dumpster possible. 40 yrd if it is available. Always get a bigger dumpster than you think you need. Regular dumpster is 30 yrds. If you really have a lot you may need more than one dumpster but they can bring the second one when they haul the first one away. 

Junk removal companies are better if you do have way too much stuff. They bring their truck and haul it away. If there is a lot of stuff then pricing generally works out better with a Dumpster on site and a couple guys to empty the property. 

@Frank S. - I used this guy Anguiano that removes junk from houses, he has an entire crew. They are reliable, quick, and efficient - I can shoot you his number if you PM me. 

I would say 2500 to 4500. I emptied out a 1500 sqft hoarder house it took 3 dumpers at 500 each and about 2500 in labor. They also did a little demo work. Tore out carpets, a bar and sun room.  A demo/ junk removal company had also quoted me 4k.