How long should it take to install and finish drywall?

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How long should it take a crew of 2 drywallers to install, mud, and sand walls and ceilings in a 1000 sq ft house with 8 ft ceilings?  Would 3, eight hour days be reasonable? 

Thank you. 

Maybe with a crew of 6 guys you could do it in 3 days. If they were very skilled. Maybe. Is it smooth wall or are they planning to texture? I would say 2 guys that are at least semi skilled could still take close to 2 weeks. If they get the rock completely installed in 3 days they're doing pretty good on a 1,000 sf install. Mud phase has a few variables as far as dry times. Does the house have HVAC? Is there rain in the forecast? High humidity will stall dry times for mud.

I've had crews that exclusively do drywall work do a house that size in 3 or 4 days, but that's their specialty, and they show up with 8 guys. Expecting 2 guys to do it it 24 hrs is pretty unrealistic. It can take up to 3 coats of mud and will often take 24 hrs for mud to dry before you can sand and hit it again.

Smooth wall will take a bit longer with pretty substantial bedding work. If you have a couple of really amazing guys doing the work, hopefully they get it knocked out within a week. That would be pretty impressive. Please keep us posted on how it works out. This could be some valuable info for someone doing work on a property and may help them with expectations in the future.

I just did a gut rehab 1100 sqft took the 4 guys 5 days to complete. As @Jason Coyle said the mud drying will take the longest out of anything.

Having 2 guys working on it will take much longer. Ideally, you have a team installing the drywall and another mudding. That's the most efficient way we use to do it.