Changing a permit conversion garage to master bedroom to a ADU

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I pulled out a permit of conversion garage to a master bedroom but the Owner changed his mind and he told me I prefer to build a ADU unit instead of a master bedroom. actually I have to change the current permit to a ADU permission.

would you please guide me what is the process of this conversion?


@Siamak Rezvani This will likely vary by location. In my town right now you would just need to go back to the office you got the permit from which would be code enforcement and fill out a new permit and maybe pay another fee or they might apply the first fee. In 2023 we are redoing our ordinances specifically to deal with ADUs, tiny houses, STR. Last year we did manufactured housing.

You may need to go to the planning board or zoning board or talk to the secretary where you got the first permit. It may require a change of use permit or even a zoning exception. In both of those cases if you’ve never done it sometimes it’s just easier to ask the secretary or whoever you talk to and ask who does a lot of them and hire them to do the application for you. Sometimes it’s the best $500-$750 you spend.

Here we have a couple of surveyors that do them and they will fill out the paperwork get on the correct agenda, go to the meeting for 20 minutes and you get your stuff back the next day usually.