Would you cut corners here?

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An electrician friend had a similar situation with a cheap rehabber. This guy just wanted stuff partially done. My friend walked and even though the guy didn't pay him for a considerable amount of work he had done, he cut his losses and didn't compromise his integrity.

Learn to attract a lot of business to you and then you can pick and choose who you want a relationship with.

There are people out there with money and they are investors and some of them are real a**holes.

I don't care how much money they have I won't give them the time of day. I want to be in a partnership or have as a client people I respect and we both have a good relationship. I actually put that above everything else. You teach people how to treat you. Set standards and if they do not fit those standards or come in line then do not conduct business with them.

Just by what these investors were saying showed a quick buck at any cost and not doing things right. So if the investors got a big paycheck but the people that bought the house lost everything in an electrical fire it's a fail.

Money isn't everything. I still don't see in this world how people sleep at night doing the things they do.


You & your electrician did the right thing..!! Good for you.!!

Bring any faulty electrical up to code is a must.!!

The safety of the future residents is most important. Just imagine for a moment if you had left well enough alone and the worst case senerio happened and the house burnt down with the loss of life..... 

Some corners you can cut and be alright. When it comes to electrical.... No way.!!


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