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Hello, I know it depends how much the cabinets cost and how big the kitchen and bathroom are but could I get ball park number for an average kitchen and bathroom size for sfh with semi stock mdf with wood veener cabinets and granite countertops. Not looking for high end home but average home to rehab in los angeles, ca?

@Horacio Gutierrez most kitchens with granite are going to run $12k-$25k The best way is to get some estimates as each house will be very different as you mentioned. That being said Have never spent less than $12k for the average 3bdrm 1200 sqft house.

Is $12k for kitcken and how much for bathroom rehab including sink etc. I guess how much does it cost for you to rehab your kitchen and bathroom?

@Horacio Gutierrez I just did a 12 x 12 kitchen. Wood RTA cabinets, laminate counters, LVP floors, backsplash, etc. I did it myself (other than the countertop, and it cost me about $5k

Here's a rough breakdown of costs for a Kitchen Remodel here in Kansas City, MO.

Kitchen Materials

  • Kitchen Cabinets - RTA cabinets from CabinetGiant -  $3,000 to $4,500 mat'l only
  • Mid-Range Stone Countertops ($45 to $55/sf) - $2,000 to $3,000 mat'l only
  • Backsplash ($10 to $15 /sf) -$300 to $600 mat'l only
  • Appliances - $2,000 to $3,500
  • Flooring ($3 to $4/sf) $500 to $750 mat'l only 
  • Composite Sink - $200 to $300 mat'l only
  • Faucet Fixture - $125 to $150 mat'l only
  • Garbage Disposal - $85 to $125 mat' only

Total Kitchen Materials Range - ~$8,000 to $13,000

Kitchen Installation

  • Kitchen Cabinet Installation - $1,000 to $2,000
  • Backsplash Installation - $250 to $500
  • Flooring Installation (varies by floor type) - $500 to $1,000 
  • Plumbing Fixture, GD & DW Installation - $200 to $500
  • Opening Up Wall - Add $1,000 to $2,500

Total Kitchen Installation Range - ~$2,000 to $5,000+

Total Kitchen Remodel Range $10,000 to $17,000 

If you are a savvy shopper you could definitely save some money on cabinets, countertops & appliances to bring these prices down, but I think this is a good cost range for an average kitchen remodel.

Note: These costs do not include Contractor's Overhead & Profit, so prices could be more expensive if you are hiring a GC.

You are correct, you can't really average given the variety of material finishes and house sizes it completely depends on the house.  

You'll want to estimate about 6 or 7 linear feet of cabinets top and bottom for each 1000 sqft living area of a house, and about 8 linear feet per 1000sqft of living area for countertops.

Then add in for plumbing, electrical, appliances, flooring, wall reconfiguration.

Then add in for GC which can be your most variable cost here in LA.  I've seen GC markup from 50% all the way up to 200% at peak season.

So very roughly if you're thinking of cabinets at about $250 per foot then your back of napkin estimate will be $250 * 14ft * 1.5GC = $5,250 for those cabinets installed for 1000sqft of living area.

@Horacio Gutierrez I can tell you in Kansas City what I am spending on a kitchen that is roughly 400 sqft. With about 8 lowers and 4 uppers. (we do a lot of open shelving)

As everything in REI - it depends. What is ARV, location, rental or flip, etc... But for us on a flip that is what I would call entry level home buyer house, for any market. We are spending the following

$1500 for white shakers from HD or Lowes with $500 to install.  

We pay $34 a sqft for quartz, which is unheard of. So roughly $1500 for the countertop with install and cut out for the sink.

$1500 for SS appliance package.

Then you get into flooring, backsplash, updating electrical to GFCIs, plumbing, paint, etc...

So for me, this level of the kitchen is higher end first time home buyer / step up housing from an entry level house. In that case, I am going to pay roughly $7500 for labor and materials for everything, to include backsplash and flooring.

We flip full time, so we do this all the time. I know who to call, etc... The average person, making a wise decision and using good contractors is going to pay around 10k.  If you are paying more than that and not getting custom cabinets, an island, crown molding, specialty appliances, etc... You are wrong. 

Is a bathroom renovation cheaper than renovation a kitchen and if so how much is less is renovating a bathroom than a kitchen?


@Horacio Gutierrez I live in Massachusetts with a small cape style home and did a complete gut job on my small bathroom (5x7) and my cost was $11k, including new wiring and plumbing. I did a custom tile shower, flooring and sink.

Kitchen was complete gut job (10x10) and new appliances (including washer and dryer ), rewiring and plumbing. Cost was $28 completed.

Impossible to really answer this question. Kitchens I have been between $5000 and $10,000 to redo. Baths I have done between $500 and $10,000... I have been involved in $50-75,000 kitchens as well, so it's hard to give any real solid "estimate".

I would venture to say that bathrooms are about half of what a kitchen costs per square foot. Less cabinets and counter space are the biggest difference. 

I found a local cabinet builder that builds cabinets for less than any big box store, but he doesn't use any particle board, only plywood for the backs and sides. The only drawback was that I had to have them finished. So check around and find someone local that wants to work.

Never stop looking for contacts by networking, ask for the people you need, someone knows that person and can refer them to you.

Good Luck

@Robin Frazier I don't see why custom cabinets, made on the spot, by a well equipped carpenter are not competitive. Probably because of what you point out: you end up with unfinished cabinets... which is where most of the work is.

What if you just paint the cabinets and woodwork as you are building them? On the spot? You would have a paint booth area designated in, say, a room and construction and sanding/prep could happen out in , say, the garage.

Having a paint booth set up from the start is a game changer. I can't see why I couldn't be competitive and offer custom work doing things in this pre-finishing assembly line approach. 

On average, for a standard 3/2, 1,200 sq ft house, my clients usually spend around $7,000 for all new cabinets, granite/quartz counter tops, backsplash, and all new appliances. If the home is bigger, or in a high end neighborhood, closer to $10,000, or possibly more, depending on the specs. 

@Horacio Gutierrez we really need to know more about the house you are renovating. Flip or rental? Your bathroom should be 2.5 to 5k for a full gut with everything.(to include a shower surround) However, its a rental or lower end flip it could be as low as 1.5k for a full gut.  But I have had bathrooms we have spent a few hundred on and completely transformed the space.  

Pro tip - always refinish a tub when you can. Never rip out a cast iron or porcelain tub.  

This was a complete kitchen gut I'm wrapping up, installed the cabinets and built island myself. Total is just under 15K

$5,400 - Cabinets.com - Deerfield American made all wood

$5,400 - Quartz Countertops

$2,600 - Whirlpool appliances

$1,200 - Misc - sink, faucet, misc plumbing, backsplash

For here in Phoenix it would be around $6k on the low end to maybe $15k on the higher end (Super high end homes I'm sure go well above $15k but I've never dealt with those myself)

That includes

Cabinets: $2500 to $6000

Countertops: $1000 to $5000

Appliances: $1200 to $3500

Backsplash, faucet, sink, etc.: ~$500 to $1000

Flooring always in my flooring budget, paint in paint budget, lighting in lighting budget, etc.

Best tip I can say is rehab to the level of the comps. Don't spend $10k in a kitchen where all your comps are level 1 granite or formica, cheap cabinets, countertop material as backsplash, white appliances, etc.

I just remodeled my own kitchen and went a little higher end and spent around $14k. If I was flipping the house I think I would have been around $11k. I would have not done as many custom cabinets, not done higher end quartz, no black stainless on appliances, etc

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