Great year wholesaling in NWI!

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Howdy everyone

What a fantastic year it's been! We've been able to help over 35 investors selling them over 50 homes so far this year. These homes range from smaller $25-30K ones to higher end flips starting in the $150-175 range. Our average rental home is around $38K and our average flip home is $115K. Obviously with NWI being a large and diverse area, it's going to vary by city. Overall and even as inventory (both off market and MLS) hits 15 year lows, we're still able to get our investors in houses where they can finish at 65-70% ARV on flips and at 75-80% ARV on rentals. Thanks to the investors who work with us! We really appreciate your business.

Why has it been a great year? First, this is a hot rental area because of low property values relative to rent. You can get a solid C+/B house for $65-80K all-in (with 15-20-25% equity) and get over $1000-1000 or more in rent. Taxes are super low compared to our IL neighbors yet we are only 35-45 minutes from downtown. Indiana is also a very landlord friendly state. Secondly, for flippers, we've seen appreciation exceed 10% this year. Areas that were minimal are exploding. We have a very diverse workforce and do not rely on 1-2 specific industries.

Lets finish 2016 strong and get ready for an explosive 2017. We're going to have 100 houses for you all to buy so get those checkbooks ready!

Adrien is correct. I don't know how many of you will see this post, but in my opinion, Adrien is one of the few wholesalers in NW Indiana and Illinois I trust. From what I've seen, his prices are good and he doesn't play games. His numbers are also accurate, which for me, is huge!

I find properties for my investors, rehab them and flip them or manage them for the investors. I just recently joined Adrien's mailing list. I always tell people to beware of who they deal with in wholesaling. There are a lot of "snakes" out there. But Adrien seems to know what he's doing and he has a good size company. I don't normally endorse other people in my area of business, but I think he does a good job. I hope to be purchasing properties from him in the near future. 

@Adrien S.  Hey congrats on the success.  You have come a long way in a short time.

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