How are they sourcing these deals?

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How’s it going everyone, I hadn’t posted in a minute so I felt the urge. I have been noticing a lot of off market properties going around in Wichita groups elsewhere. As Kansas isn’t a list source state I’m unsure how people are sourcing these deals or finding leads. Any insight as to how people are doing this or what you are seeing around town (bandit signs, billboards, etc) would be awesome and helpful. 

I am closing on a home Friday that I got from a couple at a Meetup meeting. There is no way I would have got this deal on the market. I have learned you can get great leads and deals at these meetings. You also learn alot about how to invest.

 Maybe its time to throw up a website and  try to get some inbound leads.

@Robert Burris I completely agree, unfortunately I am only in town for a day or two every six months or so. 

@Jordan Hannes I agree, so I started one a few months ago but a lot of these people don’t see to have a website so I was unsure if I was missing something obvious. 

Bandit signs are everywhere here. I‘m seeing Facebook ads from local wholesalers/investors that have a front picture of a run down house that when you click on it it asks you to put in your address for a bid. Direct mail marketing is certainly taking place too. I‘m getting phone calls when I put a rental listing up where the person asks if I have one I want to sell, when I say no, they want to know if I‘m looking to buy.

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I‘m also seeing posts on a local wholesale Facebook page offering $1000 to anyone that can bird dog a deal to the wholesaler.

@Jonathan R. thanks, I know you always keep a close eye on what’s going on. 

Sounds like things are getting competitive out there. 

I'm an internet marketer by profession, so all of my leads are through SEO, forums and PPC marketing.

@Jeremy Woods

Most investors we work with, do it either with calling or PPC campaigns for immidiate results. We do SEO as well but for more seasoned investors that have time and patiance to get results (it takes few months)

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