Why the flood of calls, texts, mail from wholesalers?

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We've held investment property in Johnson County for 15+ years and have always gotten the occasional call or mailer from those wanting to buy our properties. Over the last three months or so I've seen a huge increase in the inquiries - multiple calls and texts every week and a big increase in mailers too. Wondering what is up with the sudden flood of inquiries. Also, any tips on how to make them stop? Even my kids are getting the calls. :(

@D Bazzel I own property in another state and get mail all the time.  (I hang onto the mail to see who's consistently marketing and look for ideas for copy to use.) Like me, you are on a list that some wholesalers are buying for their marketing.  I've recently received texts and played around with a few of them and figured out that they were using some software to gather info.  When I stopped replying to the text, no one followed up.  I generally let callers that are not in my contacts list go to voicemail and then block any telemarketers.  The only thing I've come up with to stop calls is to get rid of my phone, but unfortunately I need it for business.

I am curious about the source as well, because I was already getting calls to buy a recent property that I just closed on a few weeks prior.

I can appreciate people wanting to make money in real estate as we all do in our own way, but at the same time this flood of novices entering the wholesale game is surely going to cause an issue thats going to lead to some regulation of some sort. 

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