Looking to network in NOLA

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Hi all, this is Mike. Looking to connect with other investors, builders, developers, agents, property managers and others working in the NOLA area. My current rentals are SFHs, but I'm starting to look at multi-family properties and other investment opportunities in the area. Feel free to reach out and connect. Happy holidays!


Hi @Michael K. I am a local investor, wholesaler and REIA owner on the Northshore which is about 30minutes from the heart of NOLA. Let me know how I can help! Best of luck on your ventures.

Originally posted by @Michael K. :

Hi @Courtney Fricke, thanks for the message!  Hope you had a happy thanksgiving.  IWould love tohear more about what you're doing some time and let you know the same about me.  


 Sounds good. Shoot me a message and we can connect! Same to you!

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