I want to start investing in rental property in Baton Rouge area. Property I'm looking at would be $110K with 1,200 monthly rental income. I figure trash, property taxes, water, sewer will run me 400 / month based on my research. Now I know I will need some kind of monthly reserve built in for regular maintenance and I will be financing a portion of the purchase. Can you let me know if this is something worth looking into for an investment? Area is decent and is good for college students or young professionals based on its location. This unit is shared with other units so some of the expenses I've listed include HOA fees.

Cost 110K

Cash (including closing cost) 46K

Financed 70K

Income: 1200

Expenses: 400 + 550 note = 950 ( need some reserves built in for maintenance, please advise)

Net: 250 (also roughly 250 will be added equity with monthly payment reducing the loan balance)