Expanding my team - referrals needed

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To my fellow BP colleagues in the Maine area:

I have primarily been investing in the South Portland market the last 10 years, but in the last 18 months have been expanding into new Maine markets. I went under contract this week on 2 SFR properties in Lewiston and would love to hear your recommendation on any local GCs, Sub-contractors and landscapers. I have a great team in my area, but I would prefer to start to build a local team in the L/A area as well. I would also like to connect with other local REI colleagues and compare notes. Thanks in advance for your help.



Check out Canyon Spring landscaping.. His name is Ryan Thrasher, he originated in Texas.. I had the pleasure of working a job with him, and witnessed excellent results. He has great online ratings also.


I'm a real estate broker myself, and he's my first recommendation to clients for landscaping!

Best of luck

I have key words set for "Spring" and "Texas" and as a result this posting was flagged to to me.   I read the details from Dale and then understood the context. :)  Thanks guys!