Would like to network with investors in Baltimore area

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I'm looking to network with investors in the Baltimore area who are currently doing deals. I want to get to know some of the local players in the investing game. Thanks

Sharad Peterson "I want to get to know some of the local players in the investing game.

That is a reasonable question Sharad. What would you like to learn from the "Players"?

? How did you get so many buildings?

? How did you accomplish your excessive wealth?

? If I buy you lunch, may I pick your brain, will you give me a copy of your contract offers, show me you best creative financing technique?

? Give you me your contacts of hard and soft money lenders, contractors, handymen, title companies?

? Can you tell me how you have been able to flip so many deals, what's the name of your lawyer, how do you do NOTHING DOWN DEALS? 

? what's your secrets of controlling foreclosures, commercial buildings, how are you able to assign so many buildings?

? How are you able to find motivated sellers willing to give up some of their equity to you?

The problem here is that these players in real estate in Baltimore are NOT going to train others (a stranger) to be their competition! (What's in it for them? they don't need money, they are rich in equity, they have been thru the miseries of learning, investing, failing and succeeding from their street wise experience over many years.

Most "players" are not so ready to give up what it took them years of hard knocks, failures and answering to their spouses to learn this wonderful business to share?

I had that very same idea in 1980 when I met an elderly gentleman at a public auctions, introduce myself and asked if he'd help me learn how to make serious money in real estate, he agreed to tell all, how to flip, buy at auction, creative financing and he'd give me all of his contacts ---- oh, under one condition I HAD TO MARRY HIS DAUGHTER! That proposal however so attractive to me wouldn't work since I was already married. ( I saw her picture, she was not a pretty specimen and way too old for me at that time)!

I have been playing in Baltimore real estate game for years - maybe some of these ideas will help you.

Forget the bad classes or seminars. Only learn from professionals with a proven track record.

Pay a coach to train you in some of the following (have a written agreement with coach to learn: Local tax sales investing, All types of contracts; hybrid, joint venture, skinny offers, commercial contracts and arms length contracts, assignment offers. Flipping expired listings, Buyer brokering and power prospecting (finding truly motivated sellers). 

Your written offer is your proposal and first steps of controlling real estate at an equity profit.

Be aware that --- what you put in writing (in an offer) could be seen not only by the seller, but their lawyer, a judge a jury and others. So do it right! (Understand every word in your contract offer, (your clauses for assignment, dispossession, out clauses and hybrid agreements)

Here are my suggestions:

Stop thinking about buying  real estate; houses, land, apartments or businesses with real estate or non-conforming properties.

START THINKING ABOUT  EQUITY!  Your profit in the short term comes from negotiating the equity in any deal - the experienced investors, the players, don't have time to wait for appreciation - they WANT IT NOW! If you are going to make money in this business CONTROL EQUITY! 

Forget about bed rooms, up dated kitchens, roofs and other stuff that might motivate an inexperience investor - IT'S ABOUT EQUITY!

Master the EQUITY FORMULA and you will do well in this business -- Cheers and good luck.


Please note my response to this post is NOT a solicitation to sell a service or a real estate product. That would be contrary to BP rules. Thanks. 

Originally posted by @Sam Lewis :

@Sharad Peterson Hey there, fellow Baltimore investor here. How are you man?

Hey Sam, all is well thanks.  Overcoming a few hurdles and trying to get back into position to start doing deals.  How are you?

Originally posted by @Ozzy Sirimsi :

Good Luck with your investments!!!

Almost everybody in Baltimore forums are helpful here, ask questions, share experiences etc...

 Thanks Ozzy, I've learned a lot her over the past few months.  I'm eager to put the info to use.

Originally posted by @Charles Parrish:

glad to network with you, been investing here for 49 years, what are you trying to accomplish? 


Hey Charles, I believe we spoke awhile back. I'm looking to buy and hold and do a few flips per year.

If you want to network with Baltimore investors, search for meetups and REIAs in the area. Of course, there are no live meetings at the moment, but that will change. 

In the meantime, you can still make connections with those groups that are having online meetings. The best groups will encourage education and networking, but there are some that are being run almost solely for the benefit of the founder(s), so beware of any group whose main function is to sell you into a mentorship program offered by the owner (or their friends/partners).