Clarity w/ Masshousing Loans

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Was reading more into Masshousing Conventional Loans this morning...there are definitely some favorable aspects to this type of loan. 

Some things that it provides:

- low-and no-down payment 

- downpayment loan of 5% or $15,000

- applies on properties 1-4 units

- $2,500 closing credit

- mortgage payment protection (if you lose your job)

This, and a few other articles, mention that a key feature is that there are income limits to apply to these loans with seemingly little-to-no clarity about how these income limits are decided.

Does anyone have any insights on how they go about addressing income limits? Does it vary person to person? Neighborhood to neighborhood? Is there a general rule of thumb to use when guesstimating how much the income limits on specific properties would be?

How has your experience with these Masshousing Loans been?

Thanks in advance!

Oh, and here's the article I read:

I actually just purchased my first 3-family using a Masshousing loan, with the $15k down payment assistance. I purchased in Worcester ma, my lender said I was near the income limit (I made roughly $95K last year) but I did end up qualifying. My lender did not give me specifics on what the income limit was, I could give you his contact info if you'd be interested.