Seeking guidance on how to market a few off-market 3 families

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I have a problem. I have multiple off-market 3-family listings in the dorchester area. They all have extremely strong rent rolls and are in good condition, but they are not for the typical "value-add" investor who is looking for huge renovations or under market rents. They are priced according to their cap rate and their strong rents. I was thinking about getting in contact with some family offices to see if they'd be interested in these "safe" investments. Does anyone have any advice? Thanks in advance. - Austin

Hi @Austin Negron . Why not list these on MLS? If they have strong rent rolls as you suggest, there are plenty of buyers looking for stable, income-generating assets. With a massive shortage of multi-family inventory I find it difficult to believe stable 3-family properties in Dorchester wouldn't be under contract in a matter of days. Best of luck with whatever you elect to do with them!


@Todd Wheatley

Hi Todd. Hope you've been doing well since we last spoke. I do plan to put them on MLS in the new year but sellers are interested in the opportunity to move some of these before then if possible. I was trying to come up with some strategies to target these individuals that are interested in these deals w strong rents but haven't come up with a clear game plan. But to your point, if they don't get traction, definitely will just go to market. Talk soon.

Hi Austin, you could consider marketing them as off market/pre-mls properties on some of the local Real Estate Investor facebook pages (for example the Black Diamond page has 3,000 members).  People are always posting off market or pre-mls properties on there.  Maybe you could find someone looking to do a 1031 exchange into a 3 family.  However, keep in mind there are lots of Agents on these pages as well who represent Buyers so you may want to say "Principals only" if the Seller wants to avoid paying a Buyers Agent fee.

There are a few local Facebook pages that are good for posting off-market listings. I for one use the Facebook group "All Agent Connect" to list my off-market properties. This is specific for real estate agents only.