Hi all,

I’m looking to invest in the Springfield, MA market for my first investment property. I currently live in NYC so this will be out-of-state for me but I grew up in eastern Mass and went to college in western Mass. Some years ago I spent a summer as an intern in Springfield so I’m somewhat familiar with the area.

Given that this will be out-of-state for me I'm looking to connect with other locals in the business so I can learn more about REI and about the local Springfield market.

At present, I’m looking for multi families with a minimum of 3 units in any given property with 4 units being the sweet spot. Neighborhoods I’m interested in include Forest Park, Old Hill, & Upper Hill, but I’d look more broadly than that.  I’m looking to buy this year (optimistically in the next 6 months) should I find a property that fits what I’m looking for.

If anyone in the area would like to connect please let me know! I would like to hop on the phone and build my network with anyone involved in the local real estate community.

Thank you & happy new year!