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Hello BP Community,

My name is Conor McInerney and I am a Grand Rapids native and real estate investor. I am launching my first direct mail campaign and targeting certain criteria in the 49504 zip. I am curious if anyone has an opinion on this. The west side is so hot right now, I am wondering if it is worth it to target elsewhere. Please let me know your thoughts on Direct Mailing to the west side of GR. Thanks!

You won't be the first and you won't be the last one to market to that area. You want to really focus in on the SWAN area. That is where the best returns from the NW side come from imo. If you get any good leads let me know, I am a buyer in that area and I know it well as I lived there for quite a while. 

I would recommend targeting things that others may not be in a particularly hot area. Ex: Multi Family, commerical, vacant land, etc. 

I'd still mail your list. But the most money is made on deals in these areas when you have to get a little inventive. 

Hi @Conor McInerney ,

Sorry that I'm a bit delayed in getting to your post, but just wanted to provide my two cents. The West Side of GR is a fantastic place to invest, so I think it would be worth your time to consider it from a wholesaling standpoint. The competition is certainly stiff in this area of town (really - it's competitive throughout Kent County as a whole! :), but when it comes to direct mail, often times timing is the most important factor. Even if someone has received direct mail several times, if you happen to be the person who drops them that piece of mail when they are really motivated to sell, you could end up being the lucky chap who gets the deal. 

Feel free to add me to your buyers list if you do locate anything interesting and don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about the market.


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