Fix & Flip Wholesalers in GR Area

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Does anyone know of some good wholesale companies that I could get connected with that deals in properties in the Grand Rapids area?  I have had some success with a company called Networth Realty down here in the Tampa, FL area.  I plan to move back to Michigan in a few years and would like to start investing up there. 

 @Mark Krier  is a connected guy. He brought us a few deals and although we didn't end up buying because our resources were stretched at the time, they were good deals...

Thank you Dawn, I will reach out to Mark

Hi Chad, I just messaged you -- we can talk more offline. Thanks for the recommendation @Dawn M. , I hope everything is going well for you and David.   

I'm active in Berrien County, just South of your target. You may want to look at small town and country living in Michigan Wine Country?

@Chad Holman we are flippers in GR and we often pass deals along if they don't meat our criteria or if we don't have the funds for them at the moment. Would love to talk more if you are interested. 

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