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Does anyone know (and had experience with) a good property management company in the Twin Cities?  Potentially, looking to have someone manage a few units in St. Paul (W. 7th area).  Any recommendations are appreciated.

@Chris Schady - great question you posted. I haven't worked with them personally as an investor, but have two clients who have a rental portfolio and they use Renter's Warehouse. Depending on what you're looking for, a big property management company could be either a great find or not the right fit. Absolutely some pros and cons in going with someone like them, as well as going with a smaller group. My personal take is that like any company, it's much more about the individuals who will directly work on your property than it is the company. I'm sure there are fantastic managers at Renter's Warehouse, and I'm sure there are others who aren't that good - much like any profession. The best advice I could give, which you already on top of by starting on BP, is to take the recommendations and interview a bunch. When you do end up picking one, I'd love to hear about who you went with and why, as it's nice to have input from local investors when I get asked that question as an agent in the field. 

I interviewed a few when I was looking for a PM. 33rd Company and Guardian both impressed me. Went with Guardian because it turns out 33rd doesn't(or at least didn't) do townhomes. I would avoid Renter's Warehouse like the plague. If you want reasons why, message me. 

We manage apartment communities and investor home portfolios and can offer references on great companies that work outside of our areas.

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