Any active MFH investors?

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Yes. We have a meet up on the 2nd Thursday of each month at noon in Bloomington. Also the MREE meeting is excellent for commercial investors. We meet the 1st and 3rd Wednesday in Edina at 9am. 


I'm just about to get started in the MN market.

What is everyone budgeting for Maintenance, CapEx and Vacancy in the MN market for duplexes and triplexes?

What COC returns are you trying to hit before you pull the trigger?



Yes. Currently own 8 units and looking for more.

I write in 5% vacancy, 12% for capex and repairs and am aiming for a 15% cash on cash return.

Hey, I'm a new investor in the twin cities, I have made two offers on duplexes in Minneapolis in the past two weeks, both went with other offers so I'm still working on my first deal, aggressively :)  I move out of my apartment in March, and the plan is to house hack.  

I would love to connect with other investors in the area, I have an amazing team I'm working with, who have great knowledge of the area/market but that have limited experience with investing.  

I would love to know how those of you who have invested in multi units in the twin cities have hit your Cash on Cash ROI & cash flow goals, given that the properties I've found on the MLS have multiple offers and seem to be flying off the market at or above asking price.