Thanks! 1st Lunch & Learn a success!

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We had a first great meet-up today in Eden Prairie with @Jonathan Dendauw  @Thomas E andrews and one other gentleman to discuss our goals, needs, and next steps.

We are doing it again next month.

Hit me up if you'd like to join.

No pitch, no cover - lunch and learns!

Hi Dave,

 I am interested in attending this meet up next month. Am a somewhat new investor. 

Thank you,


@Alex Kouri of course... the more the merrier.  I'll post it to the events forum shortly.

@Brian Ambuel You bet.  I'm slowly building a list of folks for April's discussion.

No pitch, just meet, needs, greets, and each person is required to share 1 thing they learned about real estate the prior month.

I would be interested in meeting.  Looking forward to some good ol' brainstorming!

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