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   I'm looking to buy a property in Newark, but it's been quite frustration because I have gotten mixed reviews about certain areas. I know Ironbound is great and University Heights...but I really like the Springfield Belmont area as well. I was looking at a property by 18 Dandrige drive close to Bergen Street/Avon but I have been told that those areas are not the best. I intend to live in this property... Can anyone please give me more insight about the Springfield Belmont area and any other places in Newark or even NJ that I could consider. I will be commuting to New York everyday for work so location is key.



I invest and became an Agent. I focus in Newark Nj. if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. hope everything is working out.

I’ve been in the same boat looking for areas in Newark and getting mixed reviews. One common area I consistently hear good things about is Weequahic.

Ive been investing in Newark since 2008, I have made my fortune with this City and will forever continue if their are deals to be had. I currently have 2 under contract that I'll either flip or wholesale and one on the market for sale. There are certain areas that I would maybe not invest in and close to Springfield, especially if your going to live in it I would not do it unless the numbers are worth it. Use the BP calculators to determine if its a good or bad deal. 

@Marsha Fils ... Yes, Im confused as well..THought that area was up and coming? Im looking for a townhouse condo in Community Hills if anyone has any leads by the way!!!

How's your progress coming along

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