Open house compensation

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Hi, I hosted an open house last weekend and one of my colleagues came to help unannounced. The open house was busy so he helped out and show the property with few buyers. One of the buyers He helped made an offer. Am I suppose to compensate my colleague if the deal go thru and how much Normally if so? The colleagues has been helping and following up with the buyer to get the offer after open house. 

@Claire Zhang who did they write the offer through?  

Also your colleague didn't "help" they were being very shady.  An open house often isn't the determining factor in what sells a given house it is an opportunity for the realtor holding it to meet new potential clients.  By "helping" your colleague is essentially taking money out of your pocket.

Hi @Claire Zhang,

Not sure if this was ever resolved. 

If anything, you were both helping one another out. Yes, you were busy, but now he also has prospective buyers who may be looking to purchase in NYC. Do not feel obligated to pay, especially when the assistance wasn't asked for.

Hi @Claire Zhang, are you part of a team structure or an individual agent? Your principal broker may be able to clear things up. If you are closely acquainted with this colleague, you may be able to resolve this between you two and not involve anyone else. However, as @Elvis Herrera said, do not feel obligated to pay anything. Any time I assist anyone within my circle of closely affiliated colleagues, I always establish a compensation structure upfront beforehand to avoid any awkward conversations down the line unless I already decided to volunteer my time. Managing expectations is one of the core parts of our trade whether it's with our clients or fellow agents.