How can I increase my BUYERS LIST

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I'm a newbie super excited to be here. Can anyone give me some advice on how to get my investors list. I found a REI club that meets every month any opinion I made some business cards to hand out. What else can I do

If you have deals it won't take much effort to increase your buyers list. People will talk. Talk to the investors at the REI club. You can also message people that are active on here and see if they want to get added to your list. I've gotten on several lists that way.

Please do not message people to see if they want to be added to your list. This is solicitation, which is against the rules of the Private Message system.

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@Misty Cook I'm assuming you found our "club" at You'll find a lot of local investors there.

Certainly bringing business cards will help. 

Also, If you want to chat briefly about wholesaling in the area, I'll have a few minutes this week while I'm doing some driving.

Rip through facebook. Message everyone in your local facebook REI groups (specifically cash buyers). Create a standard message and just run through the list. Used this method for around 2 weeks and I'm up around 150 buyers

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