Looking for an owner financed property

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Looking for a single family or multi family home that the owner is willing to finance. Open to any discussions and deals. Preferably the property would need some fixing but am open to anything. Manufactured homes are okay as well, with the stipulation of them being 1990 and newer, on their own land and have the ability to be financed in the future (never moved besides original placement). Let me know if you are interested or know someone who is. I have plenty of income, good credit and just want to explore this option. I will not waste your time. Thank you! -Thomas

Are you looking for real estate in Eugene only?

Springfield, eugene, junction city, Creswell, and marcola for the most part. If a deal is good enough I would be interested in other areas of Oregon as well as long as it’s not extreme rural. Thank you!!!

@Susie Helfer Please see my post above to answer your question.  Thank you for your time.  

Hello @Thomas Gerhart ! I will shoot you a message as well but I lived in Eugene for a few years. I have quite a few connections there and I would be happy to help you out or connect you with someone that can. 

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