Seeking reviews of particular property managers

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I need to replace a property manager who's leaving the business.  I've been looking at three companies.  I've been talking to the references they've supplied.  But I'd like some independent input, and was hoping that people where might have had some experience.  The companies and the manager in question are listed below:

W J Kellar Real Estate Services - Kimberly Bradley

Riva Ridge Real Estate Services - Aaron Bubenheim

The Full House - Dustin Nuff

If you've worked with any of these companies, please let me know what your experience has been. This would be for small multi-family buildings.


@Michael Wolffs and @Nikhil Raverkar property management is the worst part of owning real estate. I run a firm in Pittsburgh and we manage over 700 units. If your portfolio is garbage and you are a garbage landlord then you will get garbage service. If your portfolio is an easy one then most likely your service will be acceptable. We have had our share of bad clients and bad properties and we have also made mistakes and have provided poor service in the past as a company since 2002 but generally speaking its all about setting the expectations, your portfolio quality and of course the quality of the property manager working on your portfolio.