Handyman Recommendations in West Warwick

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Hi everyone - new to area and recently purchased a four unit multifamily in West Warwick.

I have two renters moving out, one in August and one in September, and am in need of a handyman to do minor renovations. The units are already in decent shape but need a bunch of smaller miscellaneous items done. I don't have the time or tools to do it. Jobs are not big enough to attract a general contractor (install vinyl flooring, new baseboard coverings, new backsplash, new stepsguards / carpet tile in common area, etc.).

Does anyone know a good handyman who could do this and what I should expect to pay hourly in RI? One unit is a 1 bedroom, 380 sq ft and the other is a 2 bed, 800 sq ft. 

@James Lapp I can recommend some folks. Pay rates vary depending on experience and sometimes what you are having them do. Can range anywhere from $15/hour + materials (cheap) to $50/hour + materials (expensive).

You're always safer getting someone to quote you a price on a specific job rather than a time and materials basis, but you still want to buy and provide the materials yourself if possible (and you're comfortable doing so).

That way you'll avoid the contractor's markup on the materials and you can better compare multiple bids between people. You also nip the "I need 50% up front" BS in the bud because the standard reason contractors give for that is "well I need to buy the materials". If you already bought the materials, it's a lot harder for them to ask for much front.