Cost of LLC tax and fees in Tennesse

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Hi Memphis Real Estate people,

My name is Jack, and I am in negotiation for a property in Memphis. The property will be under an LLC.

Does anyone know what is the annual fee for the LLC Holding in Tennessee?

Do you know if there is a State tax for the property income in addition to the federal tax?

Any other special comments regarding tax payments for LLC in Tennessee will be highly appreciated. I know the answers of the members of this forum is not a replacement for tax consultation, but I would love to get your input and learn from your experience.

thanks so much


I believe the annual fee is $300

Anywhere in the $300 range but then you will also have to file a tax return on your rental income so there is possibly another expense.

$300 filing fee, $300 annual fee.

Hey, I'm submitting an offer of purchase on a large property in TN. I'm speaking to the seller's agent about buying the entity along with the asset to offset that transfer tax, any views?

@Stan Watkins , Transfer Tax would be few hundred dollars.. depending on the property value.  

My thought would be NOT to take on the sellers company as you never know the history of the company and if there are any other liabilities etc tied to it. 

Thank you all 

That is really help


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