Handyman needed in Chattanooga / Red Bank

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Hi All-

I have a property in Chattanooga (Red Bank) that needs quite a bit of work done. Do you have a recommendation for a jack of all trades? This is a flip so it needs everything and I am on a budget (no surprises there :) )

I am a new investor to the area (all of my other deals have been in Texas) so I am looking forward to meeting other investors / real estate professionals as well.



@Nathan Williams , I own 3 units in Chattanooga (1 SFR and 1 duplex) and I can recommend a licensed GC as well as an unlicensed handyman for flooring, paint, etc.

I could also use a handyman or plumber recommendation.  I have a rental that the kitchen sink is leaking around the gasket at the bottom, but I am currently 1400 miles away.  PM me if you know someone I could contact this week.