Report: Samsung in talks to add $10 Billion plant in Austin, TX

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@Bryan Noth if they pull this off it'll be the biggest I've seen.Lots of news this week from the state gov with them talking about taking over the Austin police department and starting up the camping ban.

@Jordan Moorhead the petition drive to reinstate the camping ban officially submitted their signatures to get in the May 2021 ballot. It’s definitely going to be dealt with this year one way or another.

@Tracy Day up until 2018, the city of Austin, like most cities, had a ban on homeless camps in public spaces. They eliminated the "ban" in 2018 and it unleashed homeless camps all around downtown, under highway overpasses, the sides of major roads, etc. While no one wants the homeless to suffer, it's created a major eyesore and challenge for the city to manage. There is a push to reinstate the ban and rethink how the city wants to address the growing homeless crisis.

LA's mass exodus is in part due to the rampant homeless crisis (which has snowballed significantly in the last 3-5 years). the city did the same thing here, legalized camping and its escalated to levels that are irreversible. Austin could absolutely head in this direction if this ban remains rescinded

@Josh Howard I disagree. High taxes, a negative business environment, high housing prices and the prolonged lockdown did the most damage. Yea camping is an issue but not one even thought about compared to the others. I've helped a lot of people relocate to Austin from LA and never had that mentioned.