The best way to find cash buyers

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@Abdul Mitchell     Where are you?   Where's the property?   

One thing I do for my investor clients as a realtor is pull all the cash sales in their area and price range.   That doesn't have all the contact details, but they can build their list off the buyer names generated.   Do you have a realtor on your team that can do this for you?

The best way is to have a great deal with pounds of juicy meat left on the bone. 

To many folks are marketing skinny deals at best. I have had wholesalers call me up and try to convince me on the value of the deal. The last one was quoting what his investor friend said the deal was worth. I asked the wholesaler why his friend don’t buy it from him. 

If you think it really is good deal then find wholesaler with lot of experience to help you sell it for half the profit. Half of something is better than all of nothing.