Best way for me to network myself?

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I just started an acquisitioner job for a investment group here in TX. I need to network with investors and agents in order to find the deals not seen by the public (obviously). I am new to the real estate, been on for about 2 months now. If I am looking for investors in the Austin / San Antonio / Houston / Dallas / FW areas that have leads, where is the best place to start? I only purchase mobile homes that are sold with the land and its hard to find investors and agents that do the same. Anything helps, thank you!

@Timothy Stromberg I would become very active in the forums, especially ones pertaining to your local market. In addition start gathering phone numbers of property owners and investors in your market and spend a few hours each day making calls. Once things are back to "normal" you can attend local networking events, this combination should give you great results over time. Hope this helps, good luck with everything!

@Timothy Stromberg Are you looking to wholesale the deals that you come across in the Austin metro area? Not sure if I understand. If you are please reach out to me. I am very interested. Thanks

Two places I can think of....people who sell them, and people who finance them.   People who are in trouble or need to sell fast might go back to the people who financed them or sold them the property.   I'd start there.   You could also be a sponsor for bfast, lunch, snacks at different real estate classes, where you can get in front of 10-100 realtors at a time to tell them what you do.   Lots of classes are online now, so I would touch base with title companies to see if you could be a gift card sponsor for those classes.  Might be cheaper than buying lunch for 100 people.   

Find all your REIA events in the area. Be a sponsor you get 2-3 minutes to stand up and tell what you do.

For all of these it is likely not a 1 time presentation.  You need to show up often, be active, for 1-2 years.  Not everyone will have a deal for you today, but you want them to remember your name when they do a year from now.