New Construction vs Older Homes

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Is it just me or are people selling older homes for roughly the same price as new constructions in North Fort Worth right now? Please note that when I say "older" homes, I mean 2-15 years however this concepts still seems crazy to me. If I am not that far off-base, is it even worth entering in the market right now and/or is it a sign that I should consider purchasing a new construction as a future investment? I know there may be better off-market deals out there but I'm not sure I have the time or confidence to go out and get one of those at this time.

New construction prices are going up too....material prices have increased significantly this year.   New construction rarely seems to work well for rental buy and hold investments.  Rents just don't match the purchase price from what I normally see.  Sure if you can match newer for older it is worth consideration.  Remember some builders have restrictions on renting while they're still building, they may prohibit signs, etc.

Depends on where you are looking. Most of the new homes that I see go for far more than the older homes in the same area. Remember investing in rental properties is like planting trees. The best time to buy is always in the past. The next best time is today. Otherwise you are just wasting time.