Recommendations for a leasing agent or property manager?

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Hi BPs, 

We're looking for a new leasing agent/property manager for our east side Fort Worth SFH rental. Can you recommend firms or agents? If so, could you also say a little about your experience with them?



I like Bobbi Villarreal at Wilco Realtors.....also Pam Blanco at Professional Asset Management.

You might try both of them.

They'll lease it and manage monthly.

A few questions I've suggested my investor clients ask lately are:

Can I approve tenants or do you do that 100% without my input?

Do you have any performance guarantee?

How often do you visit the property?  What do you check when you visit?

How often do you send me exterior and interior pictures?

If major maintenance is needed, like AC unit, can I pick the vendor or am I obligated to use your vendor?

Some of the biggest issues I have seen recently with property managers is they'll put just about anybody in a property, charge you the lease fee and then 2-3 months later they're not some of these questions might help you with that.

The other biggest complaint I hear is with cost of repairs.

Many of my investor clients manage themselves, but let us lease it for them, so that's another idea for you.  You can always have a property manager take over at any time if you get in a position where you are uncomfortable.

We've been managing it ourselves with a handyman in town to assist us with repairs. That worked well for the first few years until we got a tenant that didn't alert us to problems. It has been an expensive lesson. These are helpful questions, Bruce. We'll give your recommendations a call. 

I've got mine listed with

All County Group with Kim Miller

Boat Club Rd

The only contact I ever have with them is when they put my money in my bank account every month.  They do it all.

@Carolyn Guertin I would second the suggestions of @Bruce Lynn . I have had many of the challenges he spoke to and will use those very questions next time we evaluate a new manager

Thanks all. In the end, we continued acting as our own property managers. The cost and limitations of having someone else take care of it just didn't make financial sense. We've got great new tenants now who we hope will remain for the long term. 


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