Success with BRRRR in Ogden Utah?

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I've run the numbers to BRRRR in the Weber and Davis County area, and in most cases, the biggest key to making it work is to BUY LOW. If you don't buy low, it can't work. I think the key is to buy off market deals and get really good deals on them. I'd love to know if there is anyone finding success with this strategy in Utah.

I found a deal in Ogden. I paid cash through an equity line 2 weeks ago at $161,000.  It will need about $25,000 which is a little fix up, paint, carpet, and a whole new yard (this is the biggest expense).  I'm going to refinance before the yard goes in and be in it under $170,000 and it should appraise around at $200,000 or more.  I'll let you all know how that goes.

Anyone connected with a good wholesaler in the area.  My biggest apprehension is crime,  not knowing the neighborhoods really well Ogden is the type of town you don't want to make a wrong turn in - figuratively and sometimes otherwise!  One renter even using Meth in your property can cost Thousands in mitigation and set you back on cashflow.  

All the good below market properties I'm seeing are in the bad neighborhoods. 

I don’t @JB Cunningham ! However Ogden use to always have this reputation. Still does, however they’ve done a pretty good job the last decade with pushing out the bad areas. There are still some but not as much as before. I went to Weber State University in Ogden for a few years and back then it was pretty bad. Going now it’s night and day. If I network with Wholesalers in the area I’ll definitely let you know!

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