Norfolk/VA Beach Neighborhoods

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Good Evening Local BP Members!

I just got back to the area after being gone for a little while and ready to jump back into the business and get my first deal under contract.

I was looking to get everyone's opinions on what are the best neighborhoods to invest in to rehab currently in Norfolk and VA Beach? Also any help on local investors and definitely contractors would be beyond helpful.


Hey Matt! I’m pretty much a newbie to the investing side (just purchased my first property and preparing to house hack it), but I am very familiar with almost every area of Virginia Beach. You could probably find a lot of good properties that need work in the town center area- in between Rosemont and Independence as you go down Virginia Beach Blvd. Drive around Bonney road and the side streets that lead to vb Blvd. Youll see a lot of places under construction there. And that is a very central location, near town center, decent school. Probably some good houses to rehab at the oceanfront or around chics beach too, of course anything near the water you may pay more for.  Soooo much of Virginia Beach was built in the 80s, you could find tons of places that have been kept in decent condition and just need updates. Anyways, feel free to message me with any questions you have about specific areas. 

Welcome, Matt!  The Tidewater Real Estate Investors Group meets monthly and is a great place to network locally.  You can find them online.  It is one of the  larges investors groups in the nation, well worth checking out.  

Thanks @Alison Ruotolo and @Lynn M. I really appreciate the feed back and advice. If my work schedule doesn't change I will be attending the next TRIG meeting next week and looking forward to it. Thanks again Alison for the advice on the neighborhoods are town center. I'm hoping to get out there this weekend and familiarize myself with that area.