My experience attempt to buy from one Spokane wholesaler

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Hoping to save someone grief by telling my story of a recent experience with NWC.

I text someone on Sunday about a property that was listed as for sale by owner. I didn't know it was a wholesaler but not a big deal. Anyway I got all the info I needed and wanted to see the house, got the code for the contractor box and rent over there. I made and offer over the phone and he consulted his team and they accepted it! I was ecstatic even though I had no idea how I was going to solve the musty smell in the basement. I asked what's next and was told buy Josh M who I was dealing with but was leaving on vacation (2 Josh's in this company listed on their website) that Timmy from his disposition team would contact me. I got a email from him stating there was some confusion and there was a higher offer and would I be willing to come up in price. I immediately emailed back and said Ihad an accepted offer? I was told Josh S would contact me. I spoke with him and he basically said sorry for the confusion re was a higher offer to crunch numbers and come up with my best and final offer by 2:00 and he would have an answer by 5. I felt duped and lied too and they were just trying to get more $ outta me but I wanted this house. I asked a couple of questions back and forth from Timmy the disposition person who didn't respond to something I needed u till after the deadline but I submitted via email anyway so my offer would in by the deadline.

On hour or so later I got my response from Timmy with the info I needed and I thanked him but mentioned I needed it before I submitted my offer so it was too late. He responded , that's ok we have an investor they are waiting on and he couldn't submit an offer until 4:30? I responded I was told by Josh S the deadline was 2? Of course no response except that they gave it to an investor who they have done many deals with and he was higher., hmmm.

I knew once they didn't stand by their employees word on an accepted deal it was over for me. He apparently has no credibility in the company and I feel I was blatantly lied to by these guys. I feel they are unethical and you can't believe a word they say.  I do not do business like this and do not know how they sleep at night. Karma will get them! I have all the proof of this, just wanted others to know and spread the word.

Hopefully it doesn't happen to you,

Julie B


NW Cash Offer is extremely sorry you were unsatisfied with your experience working with us, and we appreciate your feedback. We will be the first to admit there was a lack of communication between our different departments at the very beginning. We understand why you are frustrated, first being told your offer was accepted, then finding out it was not. We operate in a way that allows all of our investors to submit their highest and best offer. Therefore, we did not want to accept any offer until all of the offers were submitted.

We apologize you did not receive the information you wanted before you made your offer. However, since the information you asked for did not prevent you from presenting an offer to us, we moved forward believing that it was your highest and best offer. If the information you needed did prevent you from making an offer, we would have accommodated accordingly.

Since your original offer was not your highest and best, we felt it was necessary to give you a shot to place a new offer on the property. Josh S believed a 2PM deadline would give him some time to review all offers. You were promised to have an answer by 5:00PM whether or not your offer was accepted. In conclusion, since your highest and best offer was not as high as the other investors, we decided to move forward with them.

 Once again as a company we apologize and appreciate your feedback. We do realize we made some communication mistakes. We will work hard to make sure something like this does not happen again.

Your company is unscrupulous,  greedy and I was lied to and you did not stand by your word!  I will tell anyone and everybody who will listen about how I was treated! I have the proof that I can and will show anyone. I do not know how any of you sleep at night and wouldn't trust anything you say nor do. You said you awarded the property to someone "you have done multiple deals with" , and after me asking a few questions, which I didn't get answers for until 3:43 pm after the 2:00 deadline I thanked you for the info and stated it was too late as I obviously had responded by what I was told was the deadline and you stated, No problem that you were waiting until 4:30  for an investor to get in his bid. Your response to my email about that stated I was told by Josh S. the deadline was 2:00 which I complied with was...  He was awarded the deal because he was Best offer, gee wonder how that happened.  Let other people who read this decide how WRONG and unfair this was. I was lied to. 

I HAD AN ACCEPTED OFFER per Josh M and you reneged PLAIN and SIMPLE there was no misunderstanding or miscommunication mistake as you tried to put it. 

I had read about slimy, no good wholesalers who take advantage of people, now I know who they are. Buyer and Sellers BEWARE.

Julie Boston

Local Girl REI

Born and raised here!

I wasn't even told I was dealing with a WHOLESALER business, I dealt with who I thought was an owner as listed in the ad! The response from Josh M stating I reached out to my team and "We discussed and will accept your offer".

I obviously found out the following day who I was really dealing with.

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