Land Use expert looking for good people to work with & learn from

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Hello Bigger Pockets Tacoma Community!

I want to find deals for you! I have five years of experience as a City Planner for Pierce County and Gig Harbor. I also own a triplex purchased in 2017 in Central Tacoma, my first investment, that cashflows over $1500 a month and more after my next round of renovations. 

As I prepared to invest in real estate I dove deep into the practice and art of searching for deals. Because of my background in local land-use regulations, I'm able to find opportunities that are hard for others to find. 

I'm tempted to jump into the world of wholesaling, however, I recognize that it would be better to work with someone who's been in this business for a while. 

Are you an experienced investor looking for a specific kind of opportunity? I'm an expert in Pierce County ZONING, LAND DIVISIONS, ALLOWED USES, and all things land use. I also have a keen eye for finding extra units, bedrooms/bathrooms, or a higher and better use for a property. Looking for a property for a specific purpose? Want to buy a flip and with a "free" extra building lot? Looking for a good property for a 4 plex or maybe storage units? Get in touch, let's get coffee and talk possibilities.

Feel free to text or call me if you're in the area.

Hello Christian,

I have flipped 9 homes over the last 2 yrs in King and Pierce county, after headaches of dealing w/bad contractors I've decided to switch my strategy to buy/ hold or BRRRR using duplex and 4 plex. I sent out a few wholesale mailers but was never able to get one under contract, a friend of mine is very experienced wholesaler does well, I could put you in touch with. I would love to get coffee to see if we could help each other out more. I live in Tehaleh neighborhood Bonney Lake. Let me know if you would like to chat.

Thank you,

Brian Hamer